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22 December 2016 No Comments

Christmas Wreath with your Child’s Handprint!

With all the beautiful and shiny Christmas bauble already hanging on the Christmas tree, it’d be awesome to add something handmade to the whole decoration! And we’ve found the nicest handmade wreath tutorial which we are about to share with you! We got this tutorial from www.mynameissnickerdoodle.com and all images are hers too! Here are Read More

8 July 2016 No Comments

Carnival Parties are the Way to Go!

Carnival parties are not only enjoyable and immensely entertaining, but also fun to organize – especially if it is your kid’s birthday party. The idea is just incredible and can be a resounding success if planned properly. So how can you begin? Here goes: Invitations The very first step is to finalize the guest list Read More

24 March 2016 No Comments

Create an Awesome Lego Block Party!

Want to plan a “birthday to remember” for your kids with their favorite activity? A Block party is actually not that tough to create if you go about it in an organized manner. All you need are a few innovative party supplies and your guests will be laughing and having the time of their lives. Read More

25 February 2016 No Comments

Let’s Make DIY Splatter Paint Balloons!

Do you know you could glam up any balloon instantly by simply splattering paint on them? Better still, use gold paint and your balloons are ready to razzle and dazzle! You’d need the following party supplies: Inflated Latex Balloons Gold Paint Different Sizes Paint Brushes Water Plastic Sheet or Other Protective Surface   Thin out your Read More