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How to plan a Minion themed party!

Want to plan something special for your child’s birthday party? Going by the current trend, your best bet is to go for a Minion themed party! After all, the Minions are one of the most popular cartoon characters and kids will jump at the chance to interact with them in any way possible!

Here are some suggestions to help you plan the party:


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Implement the theme from the get-go! Surprise your guests by sending them a Minion invitation card together with the Minions favourite food – a banana! We’re sure this would put them into laughter and set a jovial nice mood in anticipation of your party! You may simply decorate the bananas with markers or use adorable Minion stickers to decorate them!


Minion Balloons

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Next up, it’s time to decorate the party venue with fun Minion balloons! Due to the popularity of the Minions, their balloons are now available in many different shapes and sizes. Opt for the supershapes and the airwalkers to create an ‘illusion’ that the Minions are part of the party entourage! You may also get some 18-inches mylars to decorate the tables and the cake cutting area for nice photo effects!


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A birthday is incomplete without birthday hats to top it off – literally! Conical, pointy Minion hats can be donned by both adults and kids – it will be hilarious for sure. Alternatively, get a Minion felt hat complete with the goggles and the hair strands! It’ll be really nice to watch the little ones run around looking like little Minions! If you prefer to DIY, you may buy yellow foam visors, angle them so the round portion is upside down, cut black foam intro a strip to fit the width of a visor and secure with glue across the mid-section. Use two black circles for the eyes and black strips for goggles. You can also fashion comical hand bands with colored paper strips and a Minion sticker in the middle, or draw Minion faces on cardboards to make masks.

For other accessories, you may look into getting tattoos for the guests to have fun applying them on and blowouts for that extra party cheer! You may also wish to get a nice Minion award ribbon for the birthday child!

Party Décor

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Next, we take time to decorate the party venue!

Firstly, we start with putting up the banners and the hanging decorations so as to create a Minion island! With all the decorations in the same colour shade and with the Minion featured everywhere, we are sure it’ll make your guests whip out their cameras to take pictures!

Next we set up the tables for the guests with Minion tablecovers and tableware. If you’re unable to get hold of a Minion tablecover, opt for a bright yellow or royal blue one to match the overall colour theme.

For some DIY decorations, you may cover your front door using yellow Kraft paper, followed by the bottom third of it in royal blue crepe streamers. The crepe streamers can be used to create overall straps and large white circles make up the eyes with tiny black circles as pupils. Black crepe streamers will do nicely for the goggle straps and smile, as mentioned above.


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Any party involving children can’t be a success if there aren’t sugary treats. While standard cakes are fine, a Minion themed one is downright exciting! Your kid will love to have their cake with their favorite cartoon character’s face on it – novelty cakes can be ordered online, or you can check in local bakeries as well.

Theme parties are great if you can pull off each aspect properly, but they require advance planning. Jot down a list at least a couple of weeks ahead, so you can avoid last-minute rushes and slip-ups. The end result – a room full of laughing kids, including your own – is definitely worth the effort put in!

We hope you have fun planning your very own Minion themed party! Do send us some photos at info@thepartystuff.com.sg, we look forward to seeing your photos!

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