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10 Spooktacular Non-Candy Halloween Treats!

Halloween is just round the corner and the best part of Halloween has got to be the trick and treating! While we enjoy the process of trick and treating, we sometimes wish that we get to give out and receive a couple of healthy snacks to balance out the amount of candies!

But of course we’d need to make it look cool or risk being left out the following Halloween! So we scoured through the amazing world of Internet for the coolest non-candy Halloween treats that you can dish out this Halloween!

1. Silly Apple Bites (via Forks and Beans)
These Silly Apple Bites are sure to make the children laugh out loud due to their funnily-aligned tooth and googly eyes! Make snacking fun this Halloween or any other regular day with this simple recipe!silly-apple-bites-683x1024

2. Boo-nana Chocolate Pudding (via ReadySetEat)
Bananas plus chocolate plus dunking – best child snack ever! These are great for party food where children get to hold a cup each and marvel at their banana ghosts which look like they are rising from the chocolate ‘graves’!
halloween-readyseteat-lg3. Paleo and Vegan Witch Finger Cookies (via Food Faith Fitness)
These witch finger cookies are so realistic that it’d probably take the gutsy kids to want to take a bite out of it!


  1.  4. Mummy Mini Pizzas (via Like Mother, Like Daughter)
    Children love pizzas and we’re pretty sure they would love these adorable Mummy Mini Pizzas! Make several at a go by popping them into the oven for a piping hot treat!mummy-mini-pizzas-2

    5. Spooky Worm Halloween Jello (via A Spicy Perspective)
    Jello is always a great treat and probably one of the most versatile one to fit all kinds of themes! Here we have a Spooky Worm Halloween Jello which is colourful and sure to bring out the fun during Halloween!img_7533 

    6. Cheesy Eyeballs (via HGTV)
    Bloodshot eyeballs but made out of healthy snacks like cheese and olives – give the recipe to us already!original_sam-henderson-halloween-cheesy-eyeballs-beauty_002_h-jpg-rend-hgtvcom-616-462

    7. Sweet Potato Jack-O’-Lanterns with Cinnamon Sugar (via Simply Recipes)

What’s Halloween without Jack-O’-Lanterns treats! Check out these grinning pumpkin slices cut out from sweet potato slices then dipped in cinnamon sugar. Yums!sweet-potato-jack-o-lantern-vertical

8. Tangerine Pumpkins and Banana Ghosts (via Flo and Grace)
This snack is 100% safe for children with allergies and great for children who need to up their fruits intake! Cute tangerine pumpkins and banana ghosts that is just right for the occasion!
healthy-halloween-treats-bananas-and-tangerines-lexies-kitchen 9. Bat Energy Bites (via Chelsea’s Messy Apron)
These adorable bats are made of both sweet and savoury elements which make us pretty sure it’d be snapped up immediately upon serving!batbite1

10. Frankenstein Halloween Treats (via The Melrose Family)
And of course we need good ol’ Frankenstein to spice up our Halloween party! Check out these cure little jello Frankenstein monsters which could be done up in a short while with some simple craft work!frankenstein-halloween-treats

That’s all we have for you for some awesome Halloween treats! We hope you have a great time making them and do have an awesome time this Halloween!


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