25 February 2016 No Comments

Let’s Make DIY Splatter Paint Balloons!

Do you know you could glam up any balloon instantly by simply splattering paint on them? Better still, use gold paint and your balloons are ready to razzle and dazzle! You’d need the following party supplies: Inflated Latex Balloons Gold Paint Different Sizes Paint Brushes Water Plastic Sheet or Other Protective Surface   Thin out your Read More

13 January 2016 No Comments

The Star Wars Story

Science fiction is one of the most popular genres in Hollywood these days – be it Iron Man, Captain America, Wolverine, Magneto, Superman, or Batman, the children and adults love them and are eagerly waiting for the next instalment. But the scenario was drastically different almost four decades back, when this extremely profitable franchise was Read More

17 August 2015 No Comments

Walt Disney – The Story of his Life

Now that is definitely a logo that all of us can relate to very well. Cartoons by the Walt Disney Pictures shape our childhood and has brought about many beautiful and vivid memories. Disney’s involvement in our lives starts right from childhood, when we see a happy, giggling Mickey Mouse romancing his lady love, Minnie Read More

7 July 2015 No Comments

How to plan a Minion themed party!

Want to plan something special for your child’s birthday party? Going by the current trend, your best bet is to go for a Minion themed party! After all, the Minions are one of the most popular cartoon characters and kids will jump at the chance to interact with them in any way possible! Here are some suggestions Read More