8 July 2016 No Comments

Carnival Parties are the Way to Go!

Carnival parties are not only enjoyable and immensely entertaining, but also fun to organize – especially if it is your kid’s birthday party. The idea is just incredible and can be a resounding success if planned properly. So how can you begin? Here goes: Invitations The very first step is to finalize the guest list Read More

6 June 2016 No Comments

A new website just for you!

We’ve had our new website for close to a month now and now that we’ve past sorting out the kinks, we’d like to share with you the new features within the website that we’ve programmed just for you! 🙂 When we first began our refresh for the website, we went through the feedback that we’ve collected Read More

12 April 2016 No Comments

We will be launching our mobile site soon!

April is an exciting month for us because our new mobile site will finally be ready! We have spent many months conceptualizing and planning for it and we’re now on the final rounds of testing and it’ll soon be ready for launch by month end! Here are some screenshots of how the new mobile site Read More

24 March 2016 No Comments

Create an Awesome Lego Block Party!

Want to plan a “birthday to remember” for your kids with their favorite activity? A Block party is actually not that tough to create if you go about it in an organized manner. All you need are a few innovative party supplies and your guests will be laughing and having the time of their lives. Read More