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Christmas Wreath with your Child’s Handprint!

With all the beautiful and shiny Christmas bauble already hanging on the Christmas tree, it’d be awesome to add something handmade to the whole decoration! And we’ve found the nicest handmade wreath tutorial which we are about to share with you!


We got this tutorial from and all images are hers too! Here are the steps!

Items you’d require

  1. Pen
  2. Chipboard
  3. 6 – 8 green coloured card stock
  4. Red card stock or red small pom poms
  5. Small round circle punch
  6. Scissors
  7. Adhesive
  8. Large round plate
  9. Small round bowl
  10. Ribbon

Step 1: Trace your child’s hand onto the chipboard to make a template

handprint-christmas-wreath-craftIf your child can hold still for you to trace for about 20 times, you may not even have to use the chipboard and you may simply trace directly onto the card stock. Makes for much cuddle and laughter time during tracing, but of course the chipboard way is much faster 🙂

Step 2: Cut out the hand templatehandprint-christmas-wreath-craft-2

Step 3: Trace your circle with the large round platehandprint-christmas-wreath-craft-3

Step 4: Place your small round bowl in the center and trace. The difference between the sizes of the plate and bowl will help to determine the thickness of your wreath.handprint-christmas-wreath-craft-4

Step 5: Cut out your circles!handprint-christmas-wreath-craft-5


Step 6: Using your hand template, trace and cut out about 20 to 25 hands. handprint-christmas-wreath-craft-6

Step 7: Stick the little handprints onto your circle wreath with some liquid glue. You may choose to have them face in or face out.

Step 8: Finish off with a few red “berries” that you may punch out using a 1″ circle punch. Stick some around the wreath.

Step 9: Tie a ribbon around it for a hanger.

Step 10: Make a note for memories’ sake – write your child’s name and age and the date it was done! It makes reminiscing fun!kids-handprint-christmas-wreath

Tadah! We hope you have fun making this handprint wreath!

Have a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

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